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My mare has now been on regumate for just over two months now therefore it is definitely in her system and I believe it is definitely having an effect. She now catches (or within a reasonable time at least), there are certainly less unnecessary tantrums and she is generally all over relaxed. In saying that she of course will get upset and bargy when she feels the need to for example with the loading. The one major upside I am seeing is the affection she is now willing to give in the field that certainly would not of happened before (before she would of stamped off towards her friends without a look back).


We tried loading her for the third time this week and we are slowly getting there. One big improvement was that she loaded straight away, one down side is she will not stand still facing backwards so that we can tie her up.  She will go in and immediately turn so that she can look out the way she came in. I can get her to stop and she will stand in the lorry but if i try push her round to where her shoulders should be she just pushes right through me. Next time we are going to load her best friend from the field first and then put her in beside. Hopefully having her friend in beside her will encourage her to stand still and relax.

Schooling wise we are certainly getting there with canter transitions, she is not very elegant with them yet but is now capable of flinging her self on to the correct canter lead. Although recently she has become pretty lazy and I have started to use a whip (before the regumate I would not of done this out of pure fear that she would be so offended by me holding it she would chuck me) however now I don’t only carry it but have to use it. I am also very close to trying a set of spurs on just to get a bit more energy. She is certainly not fit but there is a point when we school where she stops listening and will become very reculant to move off the leg. Lets face it Im probably due another lesson.