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Today I braved the hack and took my mare to a near by working hunter course!

I hate hacking along a road -absolutely hate it – mainly because I can’t help imagining drivers speeding past and my mare spooking and throwing me on to the road.
Anyway we made it! 🎉 Even with a tractor with a very large trailer going past and a massive lorry, there was of course some prancing but no bucking or anything like that.

She jumped very well but she is just so unfit at the moment and I really felt it when I was asking her to do a course. Especially at this moment in time I don’t think she would manage a one day event, she would struggle too much towards the end. She also is tending to over estimate the jumps height on her first time over -see some of the pictures below- which does not help with the whole energy conservation thing.

I also am planning on getting a jumping lesson which I desparately need to fix my position as I am never sure how high she will jump therefore I am not going over the jump with her. This does benefit me when she refuses – see video – however the only way I can get her over if she is doubting a jump is to sit back and drive her slightly.
She is very capable of jumping. The picture with us jumping the road blocks was done from almost a stand still.
One thing this has brought home to me is how unfit we both are right now therefore that’s it we need to get on it with fitness exercises! (Suggestions in the comments welcome)

But of course this realisation does come at a bit of an annoying time as I am away next week therefore next week she gets a week off. 😅

… Boot camp will start at the start of September …. Right at the end of the season … Guess we will be showing jumping and doing some stressage over winter which would of been the plan anyway.