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The other day I posted about how far my mare and I have come.

Tonight i took a picture of my mare and thought I would compare it with the picture I took for her just before I bought her. There is a massive difference!


Roughly spring 2014


14th Dec 2015 (Of course she had to pull a face! )


First difference I notice is the weight, she had put on a lot of muscle with an little bit extra podge, but I personally am happy with her weight right now. Secondly her coat is much more shinny and also a lot darker!!

Would you believe it if I told she hasnt been properly bathed in months ! (yes the odd spounge down after a hard work out but no shampoo)

The secret is that I always give her a brush down after I ride this helps the oils in the coat work thier magic 😉

Overalll the best thing about comparing these two photos is that she looks a lot healthlier and holds herself better -her personality is really showing through.

Taking pictures really does clearly show the progress you have made. Do you have any comparison picutres of your horse ?