Yesterday morning I had my second jumping lesson from a local instructor. As my mare had recently been clipped and it was quite windy we had a bit of a spooky start to the lesson but once we got going my mare settled down and focused on the work.

Before the lesson I had set out some jumps and tried to make a bit more of an inventive course, this was then edited slightly by the instructor but kept pretty much the same.


First Exercise

A “fat” figure of 8 in a large 20m circle, by fat I mean that when I make the change of rein I am facing A. The main aim of this exercise is to be able to get the tight turns in canter and quick transition changes across the centre.

During this exercise it became obvious that we are far better at turning left in canter than right. As turning right I tend to open my right hand and let my mares shoulders fall out to left. This I need to work on before the next lesson!

On to the jumping 

Look I made a diagram !!


Two Courses -Black and Red. The numbers are on the side that I jumped the jump from


Black Course 

The difficult jumps on this course for us was 2 and 6. Number 2 because the corner on the approach is relatively tight and therefore I have a habit of holding on to my mare too much and I need to let go and let my mare stretch over the jump. Number 6 was difficult as we were turning right coming into it, therefore I needed to make sure I didn’t open my right hand too wide and ensure I turn my body round with my mare.

Red Course 

A longer course,involving two dog legs therefore there was a bit more focus on ensuring I had my approach sorted. On this course the difficult jumps for us were 6a and 8 – Yet again with these right hand turns!


Lessons learnt / Things I need to work on for my next lesson

  • I need to allow before the jump and let my mare stretch her neck so she can use her body.
  • Work on turning right in canter, ensuring I don’t let her shoulders fall out to the left while I am pulling her head to the right! This follows on to…
  • Don’t open my hands so wide, use my body and legs to turn.
  • While we are still working things out I am to get off her back a few strides before the jump so that I don’t interfere by driving or shifting my weight too much.


A brilliant example when I am holding on too much therefore you can see her neck can’t stretch forward


Look at the difference in her neck when I allow with my hands and arms!



It was a little bit of a tougher lesson but I enjoyed it! My instructor did tell me off a little but to be honest I needed it, I know at the end of the day I haven’t had lessons in ages and a lot of my riding has formed bad habits that wouldn’t be there if I had kept up with getting lessons! That lesson has been learnt and I have arranged one for the end of march 😊