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Stabling my mare means that I am now needing to change her feed. Were previously being out 24/7 on quite good grass and haylage she was able to keep up with the work I was asking of her without much more energy required from feed, which was a molasses free chaff and a “lite” balancer.

With the change in her routine I have decided it would best to adjust her feed as well.

The balancer I have chosen to put her on to now is a joint balancer, I was about to put her on another balancer (a comprehensive one) but while looking at what is actually in the balancer I noticed there is not much difference between the comprehensive and joint balancer. (Plus the joint balancer is cheaper!) So I have decided to keep the same chaff and change to the joint balancer. 

I am also aware of the spring grass coming through which of course will give her a boost! At this time of year I am always so excited for the light nights and the warmerish (I live in Scotland so lets be realistic) weather. But I always forget about the spring grass and the sugar rush that comes with it! 

With that being said I do want to feed her something extra as I believe she might have a slight discomfort as she has become a little girthy. The difficulty is I am unsure if this is internal or external discomfort. At this moment in time it could be a number of things due to her still settling in (and she is a very sensitive lady), hence why I am not overly worried as she still has her appetite and seems content in herself. So I am going to wait until I adjust her feed and we both settle down a bit more before possibly doing some further investigation.

A woman at the yard has suggested turmeric as she swears by it and from reading a few forums it seems like it can either be very good and really assist with various issues or have some adverse affects.

I have decided to introduce the new balancer first and next month I will start adding the turmeric and keep you guys updated with the results. (Also intend on posting about what it should/shouldn’t be fed with i.e should it be fed with pepper.)

Your horses feed should not be a fixed forever thing, while it is important to make changes slowly as to not upset their stomach changes should be made in order to adjust to the amount of work that is expected of them. I feel it is so easy to get stuck into feeding something because “that is what you feed”, therefore understanding why you are giving you horse that feed is very important to! 

On a side note – I came across this very interesting video which contains important information that all horse owners should be aware of.