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Eva1.pngI have just arrived back from a week long break where I went on a wonderful road trip around the Scottish highlands.

During this time my mare was on full livery – Im sure she behaved herself  I hope she behaved herself (Im sure she did… I mean I didn’t get any messages or anything) and I hope she enjoyed her week off as I am feeling refreshed and ready to start sorting myself out to enter competitions.

On Monday we have the farrier in the morning followed by a lesson in the evening. As usual I will need to dope her for the farrier due to her nasty habit of snatching her legs. Ive decided that I am going to get a behaviourist for this issue or at least have a discussion with one because I want to get over this issue! Also while I am at it I’ll probably have a discussion about getting her to load and to clip … it is probably the one under lying issue that emerges under these situations. (I will be getting my moneys worth!)

I am also trying to find a competition that I can aim for. There is an unaffiliated dressage in June but I am attending a wedding the same weekend so unfortunately I will not be able to enter it. So I am keeping a close eye on any announcements for events that they have in the summer.