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So I have my goals for the year – see the below…

  • Get out competing!!  (I had this goal last year but I am now slightly closer)
  • Achieve and be able to hold a more balanced canter
    • Both upward and downward transitions need work

I have decided that I need to set myself some short term goals e.g What am I going to do in the next two months to reach the above goals?

Well lets face it enter a bloody competition woman I need to enter a competition! (and now that I have moved to a place that holds competition at the yard I have no excuse!)

I need to get myself sorted. *Write out long rant about getting my ass in gear then delete it as it makes no sense*

*Cough* Moving on.

There is a dressage competition coming up in the middle of May unfortunately it was an affiliated competition that you needed to qualify for and the next competition that held unaffiliated classes wasn’t until June which happened to fall on the weekend of a family event therefore I wouldn’t be able to enter.

But this all changed yesterday! As they announced that next week they will be opening entries a few more unaffiliated classes for the competition in May!!


Showjumping wise there is a “To Be Confirmed” date in June which I will be keeping an eye on. Hopefully the competition falls on a weekend I am free – which in June there only one  – if not I will have to aim for a date in July which is also a “TBC” date.


Now to look at “day tickets” for BSJ and BD…