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My mare is very sensitive to feed changes and I sometimes forget this. When her stomach is upset/uncomfortable she becomes quite difficult to handle and becomes spooky and generally a bit twitchy.

Right now I am on a major fitness drive for both my mare and myself. And I feel like we are doing alright. I have been hacking out a lot more and trying to keeping in trot or canter as much as possible and varying the paces as well. I have a route which I can do various ways and that involves inclines of hill work e.c.t. The route is a decent length and we can do it in about 40min but if Im in a hurry I could cut some of it out and do it in about 20min.  I am still to find a decent running or hacking tracker app for my phone that I can use to track our progress but hopefully I’ll find one soon.


As part of this fitness drive I also decided to cut her feed right back as she is now out for the summer on good grass and I don’t feel she needs anything extra as she is also getting hay when I have her in.

Yup, that stomach thing, I forgot.

So she’s gone a little on the loopy side… spooking and snorting at everything in site. I went out for a hack today and we went for a canter and all of a sudden we were standing dead still. I was quite lucky I didn’t continue over her head! So she going to start getting a little bit of feed again just to help with her digestion.  Just balancer – barely a handful-  and a few tea spoons of turmeric. Hopefully this will settle her stomach and I will have my mare back to her settled usual self.