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In my determination to get fit this summer I have been hacking more than schooling. On the hack I have been focusing on forwardness and get my mare to generally stretch out. 

We have had some amazing days recently with some amazing views. 

After almost a week of solid hacking I thought I would go back into the school. And whether it was the time off from schooling she needed or the different form of schooling I have no idea but all of a sudden we had outline! 

While yes this was in no way consistent and she did get distracted when she got tired as per usual. She was much more soft and much more willing to hold herself. She was also much more off the leg therefore I was able to concentrate on my position and my habits like not getting to busy with my hands e.c.t.

This outline also continued into the canter !! 

While usually I can occasionally find the outline in canter it takes a hell of a lot off work to keep it. Where as the other day while yet again not consistent the canter we did get something and I didn’t feel like I needed to hold her up. 

I feel like we are heading in the right direction and I can’t wait for my next lesson on Monday. It’s been about 4 weeks since the last one so hopefully my instructor will see some of our progress! He also said he might hop on so that will be very good to watch. I like seeing our people on my mare as I can take a step back and really have a look at how she is doing. It also tends to give me a laugh at my mares look of fury that I have allowed someone jump on her that she hasbt fully vetted and doesn’t let her get away with the things that I do. 😂