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I recently had lesson with an instructor that I have now had about three lessons from.

As the course was still out from the show the at the weenend we decided to do some jumping.

After warming up over a few of the jumps we stopped and had a discussion about the course. We spoke about various corners that maybe difficult for my mare or which combinations I would have to make sure my mare doesn’t get too long in the middle of.

I then rode the course and while at the end we had cleared the jumps upon discussing how the course had gone I was told I’m essentially not ridding fast enough to the jumps so when we get there my mare is heaving herself over. The example the instructor used was there was a hurdle in front of you would you jog up to it or would you take it at a bit more of a run so that you ensure you have enough energy to get over it.

So I rode the course with a bit more of the “let’s go for it” vibe and the jumps felt easier even though they were all up another 10cm.

The third time riding the course we had a bit of a hiccup over 6 to 8 but I got us back and rode 9 to 11 well. The instructor complimented my keep going had rode the rest of the course well.

Unfortunately the next lesson will not be until the middle of July, while there are other instructors available they are slightly more expensive. I have also had a great job opportunity meaning that I am also changing jobs at the start of July. So with that I have decided that, while I really want to book another lesson – my bank account is screaming no – that I’m going to wait until the lesson I have planned until July and probably wait until August before having another. This also means that the dressage test I was going to enter in July will not be happening. 😔 But oh well with my new job I’ll be able to move forward in my career and have a little bit more money to – lets be honest – spend on the horse!